April 24, 2016

Senior Jersey Ceremony


On Saturday, April 23rd, the seniors and their families participated in the Senior Jersey Ceremony.  In it's 3rd year, the ceremony is a unique, meaningful way for the senior athletes to be honored and spoken about in a positive way. A rite of passage, if you will, as they prepare to commence into life after graduation. It also gives each senior an opportunity to speak, from a heart of gratitude, about a woman of significance in their life.

Yesterday's ceremony included seven of our seniors and their loved ones. Our seniors were honored for the special qualities they possess, challenges and adversity they have navigated through, virtues they exhibit, and for the unique characteristics and personality traits given to them by God. Sweet stories were shared, many from childhood, that brought tears as family members reminisced. It was an emotional and very memorable time; certainly a source of encouragement and a charge to redeem the time we have and never to take it for granted.