• June 1, 2016

    2016 Track Banquet - What We Learned

    No Lake Catholic track season would be complete without the track banquet which was held this past Tuesday, May 31st in the Lake Catholic Cafeteria. It's an opportunity to pay tribute to the incredible group of athletes that make up the team, hand out awards and pray for the athletes that are moving onto states. However, it's also an opportunity to gain some insights from the seniors into what makes the team tick. We've compiled a list of some of those learnings for you below:
    • The team next year should run hard and turn left (hopefully not in the 100M dash) and running fast makes them finish fast.
    • Athletes should stretch after running to avoid injuries, but if they do get injured to not worry because it will make stronger.
    • Runners can bounce when they fall.
    • Breaking the girls 4x100M relay school record was a favorite memory as was the boys NCL Champion 3Peat.
    • The D Team occasionally gains inspiration by skipping stones at Lake Erie.
    • Our senior pole vaulters are tough - they sometimes break the cross bar when jumping in meets.
    • Running the 400M is "awful"
    • Members of the team should not lose their car keys, and if they do they shouldn't go looking for them because it can get them suspended.
    • Schroeder is a "swell" guy who is always looking out for the team.
    • Borcas spends a lot of time at practice with the D Team but even more time outside of practice learning about the competition.
    • Coach Becky makes pole vault fun and is a good friend.
    • Coach Tammy gives chocolate, hugs, and encouragement.
    • Coach Al uses scientific terms to break down hurdles and is "probably very smart".
    • Coach Kaufman helps his athletes get better every week.

    Most of all we learned that the team this season had a ton of achievements and was probably one of the most tight-knit in recent memory.  The seniors will definitely be missed but the team is in great shape with the fabulous coaching staff and returning athletes.  Good luck to Jacob and Connor and see you next season!